Young Jeezy - Bang Bang Snoman

yea yea
Dey say da streets need me.okay alright cool. You see Traping aint dead these n*ggaz just scared. I aint scared{im on my way}.Bang Bang mutha fucker its snowmane. Right back at you niggaz saw tha light mane you see this white mane its my light mane. My dog run tha show dats my light dane. You see im in tha strees day and night mane.Niggaz wearing star vex dats light mane. Got that big ooo wee on tha arm rest. nigga no strees nigaa no vest i dont worry about you niggaz i dont do strees to busy fucking hoes young hue hef[ yea yea] young hue hef you ever seen them with the playboy stamps on them yea you ever seen that playboy bets to belive i aint dream that playboy. you ever seen them stacked a 100 bricks tall dats what i call a mutha fuckin white wall[ whoooo who who who] i been doing this since this white wall certified streets nigga nothing like yall whole house smell like it need lysol get yo 10 units now one phone call all these hoes asks where tha pimps at all this street shit mine im da pim plat

tell ya one thang i dont play about mine say my name one more mutha fucking time ima come see ya[see ya] tell ya one thang i dont play about mine say my name one more mutha fuckin time i wouldnt wanna be ya[wouldnt be yea]

]what it do nigga like i said nigga im on my way[ you on yo way nigga yea] dey was like young da streets need ya im like okay cool after smoking this blunt ill be right wit cha. You kno You kno trapin aint dead nigga these niggaz just scared

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